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Below is a list of reports that are data-driven in some way and discuss local issues related to CNY Vitals’ subject areas.  (If you think you have a report that would be fitting to include here please contact us at so we can include it!)

**Many of the reports are in PDF form and thus take a minute to open.

Onondaga County Community Indicators Report 2014-  This is the 2014 edition of the Onondaga County Community Indicator report, published by the Syracuse University, Maxwell School Community Benchmarks Program.

Onondaga County Community Indicators Report 2012-  This is the 2012 edition of the Onondaga County Community Indicator report, published by the Syracuse University, Maxwell School Community Benchmarks Program.  Due to the size of the report it is broken into sections below.

Executive Summary, Acknowledgements, and Table of Contents

Arts, Culture, and Recreation

Civic Engagement

Demographics Part 1

Demographics Part 2

Economy Part 1

Economy Part 2

Economy Part 3

Economy Part 4

Education Part 1

Education Part 2




Human Services and Health Part 1

Human Services and Health Part 2


Public Safety Part 1

Public Safety Part 2

Research Team and Contact Information

Onondaga County Community Indicators Report 2011– This is the 2011 edition of the Onondaga County Community Indicator report published by undergraduate students at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School, which served as the impetus and foundation of the CNY Vitals website.

Arts, Culture, and Recreation

IDEAS Collaborative Final Report Summary on Phase 1– Six local funders partnered to launch an initiative that would increase cultural participation  This report contains the initial findings.

Civic Engagement

Patterns of Government–  In 2011 FOCUS Greater Syracuse published this report explaining how our local government is organized, the services they provide, sources of funding, and many other related functions.

Preliminary Baseline Review: Who Does What & What It Costs–  The Commission on Local Government Modernization published this report in 2015, containing a significant amount of data and information on local government and the services it provides across Onondaga County


Onondaga County Trends Report 2007– Onondaga County’s Planning Department published this report in 2007, explaining and detailing local population trends.

Full CNY Report–  In 2011 the RUPRI Center for Rural Entrepreneurship  published a report for the Central New York Community Foundation on the transfer of wealth within its funding area.



Environment, Transportation, and Planning


Human Service and Health

Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR)– The AHAR is a report to the U.S. Congress, based on local data, about the extent and nature of homelessness in America, prepared by the Department of Housing andUrban Development (HUD). It provides nationwide estimates of homelessness, including information about the demographic characteristics of homeless persons, service use patterns, and the capacity to house homeless persons.

Christian Health Market Analysis– A market analysis and justification of need by a local, incorporating non-profit health center, that will provide primary medical care to under served populations.

Community Health Assessment for Onondaga County, 2010-2013– A comprehensive look at the health and demographics of Onondaga County.

Lerner Center CHNA Report FINAL–  In 2011 several Master’s in Public Health candidates from Syracuse University led a series of community based meetings to discuss the critical healthcare needs in the words of community members a leaders.  This report is a summary of the findings of these community meetings.

Vera House Annual Report on Domestic & Sexual Violence-  Each year Vera House publishes several related reports on the impact of domestic and sexual violence in our community.  The links below will take you to the various reports:

Public Safety


Municipal Opportunity in Syracuse– In 2010 a team of Maxwell Public Administration students developed a Municipal Opportunity Index for the Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse.  The purpose of the Municipal Opportunity Index was to chart disparities between the City of Syracuse and the rest of the Central New York area across several areas, including education, economy, and housing.

2012 State of Well-Being Report–  “The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index (WBI), an average of six sub-indices: Life Evaluation, Physical Health, Emotional Health, Healthy Behavior, Work Environment and Basic Access, is the preeminent source for well-being data in the United States.  The first-ever daily assessment of U.S. residents’ well-being, the WBI provides realtime measurement and insights needed to improve health, increase productivity and lower healthcare costs. Public and private sector leaders use data on the factors proven to impact well-being to develop and prioritize strategies to help their communities thrive and grow. Journalists, academics and medical experts benefit from this unprecedented resource of health statistics and behavioral economic data to inform their research and reporting.” — Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index